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Gabriele’s Hand Designs

Screenshots of the Website I created for my mother's business.
Screenshots of the Website I created for my mother’s business.




My mother runs a floral design studio in my hometown of Meriden, Connecticut called Gabriele’s Hand Designs. It is an independent small business that has grown tremendously in the last few years and has been featured in prestigious magazines, wedding shows, and blogs such as Southern New England Weddings, Borrowed & Blue, and Grace Ormonde.  Consistently getting 5-star reviews on the Wedding professionals networking site, http://www.weddingwire.com, Gabriele’s Hand has since been awarded the Wedding Wire Couple’s Choice Award for three years in a row. I first discovered my passion for creating quality, engaging, and unique digital media and web content when my mother came and asked me, as a tech-savvy seventeen-year-old, to create a social media presence for her business. One thing lead to another and I ended up creating a website complete with a gallery and testimonials. Whenever I visit home or a new set of pictures, awards, or magazine articles arrives regarding the business, it is my job to take on Gabriele’s Hand Designs as my client and produce professional  and creative written, photo, and video content that will guarantee a higher number of clicks and views to their website- and a larger amount of clients in contact. The business has increased its reach by over 300% since I began working on web marketing strategy almost five years ago, and is continuing to grow. I cannot take credit for all of this, as some must be attributed to my mother’s prowess at her craft. However, I can guarantee a growth in customers and greater business expansion through my down-to-earth, hard-working approach to digital marketing strategy.

Humanists of Boston University Blog

As an executive board member of the Humanists of Boston University, a philosophy-based, community-centered club I have been a member of since 2014, I took on the task of managing the club’s blog and website, as well as it’s Facebook presence. I write a weekly web blog to discuss the latest events and happenings in the club. Going from writing for business advertising to writing blog posts for a community organization was quite a transition, and I believe it shows my versatility as a web content writer.


Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center at Boston University

I spent the summer of 2015 as an intern Web Content Writer for the Howard Gotleib Archival Center at Boston University. A truly memorable experience that combined advertising and academic writing, I spent my days doing intensive research on individual archives of famous singers, authors, actors, etc. that the Research Center had collected over the years. The research was not only educational but extremely fun! Once the research had been done the hard part came in- creating a short but accurate description of the archive that would serve to draw interested researchers into visiting the Center. I learned a lot about the research end of web content writing and the precision and accuracy that goes along with it. Several of the archives that were written by me can be found at the following links :

David Maysles Archive

Viveca Lindfors Archive

Ethel Mannin Archive

NOTE: The website was not written by me, just about 30 of the archive description web-pages listed on the site.